Reave Technology would be nothing without its users. We rely on our users heavily, right from the testing phase where we gather users to test out new settings and displays all the way up to the final release phase. We rely on them heavily so we decided to allow them to voice their feedback here.

We’ve always valued each piece of advice we’ve gotten and we always try to please our users no matter what task they request we’ll always try to give them a helping hand. Reave Technology is essentially one big family not a faceless corporation, we love to hear what your feedback is and how we can improve our systems, after all our systems were built with you in mind and if you think we could improve just simply contact us.

“Customer Reviews is an important way of showing your opinion about a product”

We are quickly approaching the date in which we launch Reave’s Client Data platform. This will bring us out of the dark and into the public light. We are going to continue working with you right up till that date and long after trying to improve our product. We cannot wait to watch our family grow when Reave is open to the public.

This Users section shows you what our customers think of our services. We understand that you would like to hear some of our user reviews so we decided to add that into this website to give you a better understanding of the product.

“Communicating with everyone is hard, which is why we’re allowing you to talk to our customers”