The Swift Review was previously a paper edition newspaper distributed around Kilkenny College. Reave Technology was tasked with creating and setting up a system which allowed Kilkenny College students to publish articles about ongoing events and stories from their day to day school lives. Reave Technology oversaw every detail of the implementation of the system. From creating the database that is capable of storing over 1.5 million articles to giving training courses showing the students how to operate the system.

Simplistic Design was used making it easy for students to use on the go. Fully mobile optimised which made it very easy for students to get online. It also supported a gallery system which allowed the school to publish their own photos.

Encourage Others To Follow Their Dreams…

The system is being managed by a team of journalists and editors from the college community that are interested in the work. This might lead onto a possible career in that industry. The first steps are always the most important steps, and we’re providing them with a great platform to get started on.

Recommendations: Mr Paul Cuddihy Kilkenny College Kilkenny, Ireland

I would strongly recommend Reave Technology for the quality of their work, its reliability and flexibility. The quality is assured and the system is robust against hacking; a vital consideration in these times.
I have no hesitation in giving Reave Technology my complete recommendation and would be happy to discuss the matter with any potential clients in the future.
Yours sincerely,
Paul Cuddihy,Assistant Headmaster,Senior Resident Master,Kilkenny College.

We’re glad to be a base for which students can gain real life experience of running a media service. Life experience can often tend to be very valuable, and hopefully with our systems it will provide students with a great base to get a start on their potential career.

Head Of Installation Team: Mr Rupert Murray 
Chief Executive Officer:  Michael E Cunningham