Michael Cunningham is the acting Chief Executive Officer of Reave Technology.

I believe as a company Reave Technology is on the right path. Reave is the product of hours of hard work and determination in order to complete a product like Reave, that is quite evident with the products we produce. We’re still in our early stage of development but I can assure each and every one of you that it will be an exciting journey.

Michael Cunningham (Chief Executive Officer)

Reave Technology 2019 Presentations

Early Life

Michael was born on a farm in South Kilkenny with one brother and one sister. He always had an interest in technology and always wanted to follow a career in something to do with computers. Michael attended school in St Patricks De La Salle Kilkenny for primary education, then later on began school in Kilkenny College. Michael has developed quite a few things throughout his young life which is quite evident such as Hula Online Shopping, CoverHub and TheSwiftReview to name just a few.

Michael took part in a work experience program which allowed transition year students (16 years old) to take a week off to experience what it would be like to work in the modern day work place. Michael went to work with an internet service provider and saw some flaws in their systems. He was asked to create a system that would fix these flaws. Reave was born.

Award Winning

Michael went on to win prizes in numerous competitions and is still the driving force behind Reave Technology Today.