Reave Technology

Reave Technology is a small software company that creates tailor-made software and provides packages for small companies, startups and farms. We work with our clients to provide a system that is universally deemed excellent. Our systems are built to promote efficiency, as the provider we work right with you from the installation stage directly through to the completion of your product and including support in the future. Running a business can be a very stressful time but it can reap great rewards in both your personal and financial situations.

Powering Companies Since 2018

Reave Technology has been powering companies since late 2018. Reave is still a very young company but great products take time to grow and fully develop. Join us on our journey to success.

Reave Technology provides data storage platforms currently to internet service providers in South Africa and provides logistics management for companies in Ireland. We’re constantly expanding our products to make them better and we cannot wait till we’re able to show you. Reave is officially launching this summer and we want you to join us on our adventure.

With Reave we enable you to store client data, manage logistics, delegate jobs to staff-members and control your stock management. We created these products to make your company easier to manage, with the right systems in place we believe you can improve your profits by promoting greater efficiency, that’s where we come in. With Reave Technology we’re offering you a great platform that will continue to grow and adapt to your needs. You as our client will be buying into something that will grow and prosper in the coming years. With you by our side we’ll be able to take your feedback and implement your desired changes. We’re here to make your life easier.

“I’ve been working on this project for about a year, but I can safely say that Reave’s feedback services are one of my favourite features. You should never feel alone on a program, all of our programs have chat support built into them allowing you to communicate directly with us and ask the questions that you want to ask. We’re here for you.”

– Michael Cunningham (CEO)

Agricultural Data

Our latest product is the first in a line of brand new Agri products is the Dealer Control System, or more commonly known as Reave DC. This enables you to keep track of cattle movements and compile the statistics to show you how your farm has been performing throughout the past few years. We use our custom written software called Reave Blue, this allows us to extract the data from your farm and compare it with farms around the country, this allows us to compare prices and show you which areas cattle of the same type are selling for more/less.

This program allows you to store each cow individually by entering in the data for the cow such as [Lot Number, Tag Number, Weight, Price, Cow/Calf ect, Breed, additional notes]. This allows you to keep track of the cows on your farm, we’re eliminating the need for paper by providing you with an online solution that is quick and easy to use. Specialised software is a great tool when used right, so our install team will give you a full run through of the system before hand to make sure you are comfortable with it. Live data charts also show you how you’ve been performing for the desired time slot.

We have been farming all of our lives. I know the difficulty and the reliance that farmers have on paper, however I believe we should be removing this reliance by moving to other options such as that of Reave Technology.

Rupert Murray – (CPO)


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Education, is for many a gateway to the future. We as a company are trying to provide both teachers and students new ways to express themselves. We’ve been creating beautiful websites to promote students to follow different career paths. We’ve brought school newspapers online to allow the entire world to see them, we work with the students to show them how our systems work so they can implement them into their school systems. This teachers the students organisational skills and an outstanding ability allowing them to work in teams which in the modern work place is a skill that is highly sought after.

The Swift Review

The Swift Review is an example of us bringing a school newspaper online. We’re working to increase the size of our portfolio by working with you as our clients to offer an amazing service. Get in touch with us today for more details.

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