Reave Technology

A Whole New Reave

Reave Technology throughout the past six months has been a story of never ending improvement. Today we are announcing our newest product which was on show previously which is the Reave Blue Application. With Reave Blue companies are able to manage their entire logistics, staff management and stocking controls from one place. Reave Blue uses the latest data structures in an attempt to achieve this absolutely amazing goal. Our team is hard at work finishing off the system code on this product but we promise to keep you updated.

Our founding ideology was to create a company that allows companies to manage their client data efficently and securely. We have now achieved our said goals and we are now moving on with implanting new technology to make our product exquisite.

Reave Agri is our latest and greatest vision. New systems work together to provide an application that is both powerful and user friendly. When technology is created for everyone in mind, it allows everyone to do what they want. With that said Reave Technology has a simplistic user interface allowing staff to get their daily jobs done in a simplistic fashion. Reave Technology will always be a construction site because I personally believe that great products are truly never really complete.

Creating a system is only half the battle. At the end of the day a data driven system is only as good as the people entering in that key data. That is why we provide staff training courses on all of our Reave Technology packages to help staff understand all the features of the system we’re offering them.

Staff Members should never feel that the application they are using is daunting. The idea of Reave was to create a super user friendly interface which will make staff feel more at ease when operating the system and hopefully lead to staff-members experimenting with their tools. The User Interface provides a very user friendly experience but it is also refined down to a minimum so we don’t have any of those wasted menus you never use. At the end of the day there is only one thing more valuable than money and that is time.

“Reave empowers staff to try achieve great things within the organisation or body that they represent. The only thing you as a company director is implement it and sit back and watch the magic unfold”

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Elliot Cunningham

It’s almost here…

Reave Technology 2019 Product Announcement Coming Soon

It has been a while since we have launched a product other than the CData application. This year we have some amazing plans. Reave Blue is getting a full face lift where we will be redesigning the entire platform to make it more efficient and easier to use. We have an entire new line of agri products being prepped for launch. One of our products is actually going out on demo today. We are working very hard to create new software which is shown by our drive and the increased complexity of our code. We have an entire new login portal coming this year which will allow you to login to your datatable from one location and one location only. We’re heavily increasing the security around all the data which is a step by step approach to protecting your data. We have some incredible plans for 2019. This is acting as a bit of a teaser to what is to come, but I can safely say that we have some amazing stuff on the way. 🙂

Reave Agri

“Time is the most valuable asset on the planet”

I’ve always believed that time is worth more than money. Materialistic things such as wealth, assets etc can be regained through hard work, but time lost can never be regained…

We understand that and we’re looking to reduce the amount of work required by you as our client to give you more time to allow you to do what you do best. The Agricultural Industry as modern as it is, is still requires a lot of data to be stored on paper as there is quite clearly no substitute to store data efficiently and quickly. We understand your problems and we’re looking to make ways to fix them. We have a complete new line of agricultural products coming out to save you time and decrease the risk of losing the documents.

We cannot say much about the products at the moment as they are still in their testing phase but we’re proud to be working on a project that will hopefully make your day just that little bit easier.

As our Chief Executive Officer states “Reave Technology will never be complete, it will be a construction site forever, because I have always believed that great products are never truly complete, only improved..” – Chief Executive Officer – Michael Cunningham.

Reave Agri is our latest member of the family to join us. Reave Agri uses Reave Blue technology to give it a complex data driven brain that allows users to perform their tasks easily with our advanced user friendly UI and our advanced backend.

Reave Blue

Please Welcome…
Reave Blue

Reave Blue is the product of months of hard work. Our designers have assembled the Reave Blue product from the ground up to create something that is truly special. Reave Blue is a pristine management system that allows you to manage your staff team (assign jobs to individual staff-members), your logistics (assign jobs to vehicles and calculate the distance between points allowing the clearest route to be selected) and it encompasses a new stocking system that allows you to manage your entire line of products from one area.

Power Excites…

and at Reave Blue we’re giving you that power, it’s your job to get the most out of the product…

Reave Blue is something truly incredible and we’re looking forward to releasing it. Reave Blue will quickly take on new products adapted to make the system stronger such as our new line of Agri Products powered by Reave Blue. We will not stop challenging our limits and will continue to push on and fight to create a great company/product. Reave is only in its infancy stage at the moment but it will continue to grow and expand until one day Reave Products will be used internationally.

Coming Summer 2019


Chief Executive Officer

Michael E Cunningham