Reave as a company is a small seed which is in the process of growing into a large beautiful plant, this process will never be complete however without the continued support provided by our customers.

Reave Technology is a data driven technology company that creates tailor made software for small businesses and start-ups. We also have a wide range of agricultural products that allow farmers to keep track of their cattle movements. We offer businesses a method of storing client data, tracking performance and managing logistics/stock management.

Stocking Control Platforms

Using our Reave Blue systems our software allows you to effectively manage your warehouse. Reave uses its own algorithms to allow us to manage your data and prepare it so that it is sent back to you in a readable and easy to understand fashion. Reave Blue uses what we call RStock which stores each pallet/item as a variable in a selected zone. That information is then stored making it easy to come back later and see where in the warehouse your product is exactly. Time is of the essence in places like this and you shouldn’t have to rely on terrible systems to do get you over the finish line, that is why Reave exists, making our customers lives that bit easier and hopefully generating you some capital while doing so.

Agricultural Platforms

Farming is an industry often overlooked my Technology companies, but it is the corner stone of which the entirety of humanity relies on. We’re in the process of creating systems that will make farms easier to manage and that will hopefully change how your data is stored. Our first product in the line is our new Reave DC (Dealer Control) this platform allows “Dealers” ( In the case of cattle and pigs a dealer is defined as a person who purchases and sells to another person within a period of 30 days. A person who buys and resells within 30 days less than 100 cattle in any 12 month period will be excluded from the requirements to be approved as a dealer. ” to store data about their cattle that would have to be normally written down in a book.

Our Dealer Control platform stores all of the animals stored on the farm along with their tag numbers/identification, lot numbers, breed/type of animal, weight and additional notes. Our search features allow you to check back in at anytime and search for the cow quickly. We will also match your data and use our algorithms to help you through this process. We’re always developing new software and new types of software, if you have any suggestions please just leave a message in the contact section of the page.

Reave Logistics Application
Coming In 2020

The Reave Logistics application is a very special product. It allows you to keep track of the movement of your goods around the world. It uses our own algorithms to check how your company is performing and comparing it to last months/years statistics. It allows you to delegate jobs to different staff members and shows you how those staff members are performing. This is a really innovative system but we cannot reveal anymore than this.