Reave Technology 2019 Product Announcement Coming Soon

It has been a while since we have launched a product other than the CData application. This year we have some amazing plans. Reave Blue is getting a full face lift where we will be redesigning the entire platform to make it more efficient and easier to use. We have an entire new line of agri products being prepped for launch. One of our products is actually going out on demo today. We are working very hard to create new software which is shown by our drive and the increased complexity of our code. We have an entire new login portal coming this year which will allow you to login to your datatable from one location and one location only. We’re heavily increasing the security around all the data which is a step by step approach to protecting your data. We have some incredible plans for 2019. This is acting as a bit of a teaser to what is to come, but I can safely say that we have some amazing stuff on the way. 🙂

Hey! My name is Michael, I am the CEO of Reave Technology. We essentially make tailor-made software that allows companies to effectively manage their data in a way that is both efficient and secure. We're always looking for new ways in which we can develop and grow our system. Join us on our journey today!

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