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Reave Blue

Reave Blue is the product of months of hard work. Our designers have assembled the Reave Blue product from the ground up to create something that is truly special. Reave Blue is a pristine management system that allows you to manage your staff team (assign jobs to individual staff-members), your logistics (assign jobs to vehicles and calculate the distance between points allowing the clearest route to be selected) and it encompasses a new stocking system that allows you to manage your entire line of products from one area.

Power Excites…

and at Reave Blue we’re giving you that power, it’s your job to get the most out of the product…

Reave Blue is something truly incredible and we’re looking forward to releasing it. Reave Blue will quickly take on new products adapted to make the system stronger such as our new line of Agri Products powered by Reave Blue. We will not stop challenging our limits and will continue to push on and fight to create a great company/product. Reave is only in its infancy stage at the moment but it will continue to grow and expand until one day Reave Products will be used internationally.

Coming Summer 2019


Chief Executive Officer

Michael E Cunningham

Hey! My name is Michael, I am the CEO of Reave Technology. We essentially make tailor-made software that allows companies to effectively manage their data in a way that is both efficient and secure. We're always looking for new ways in which we can develop and grow our system. Join us on our journey today!

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