Reave Technology is a small software company that creates tailor-made software packages to help small businesses, startups and agri businesses to better manage their clients, products and staff assignments.

What We Do

When we created this company our aim was to help businesses streamline their operations allowing them to focus more on the products that they have to offer rather than wasting time with inefficient systems that don’t work with you or your product which in the end will only cost you time and money.

We work with our clients to build a system to help manage specific problems they have been facing whether it’s with their client data, staff-management or product control. We write systems based on your requirements at a very affordable price.

The possibilities are endless…

How we do it

From the day you contact us, we are working with you to help build your system. Our data tables are simplistic yet advanced to allow everyone to use it but still have modern and competitive features.

We use a wide array of data tables in our systems from your product data and order specifications to your logins and your staff. All of these data tables are designed to communicate with each other so you can transfer data to another data table at the click of a button.

The possibilities are endless for our products as they provide such a broad platform for you to focus in on your target product giving you a great experience.

Suitable for:

Client Management, Product Manufacturing, Potential Leads, Staff Management, Logistic Tasks, Lead Management.

Client Management

Our client management platforms enable companies to keep track of their customers and assign different statuses to their activity. Store all of your clients in one centralised area.

Keep track of the statuses of your clients with or assignment tools. Assign them as “active” “inactive” “pending” etc and quickly use our filtering tools to narrow down which clients specifically you want to focus on. This provides a better way to keep track of your clients and their information.

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